From the ash, a rustling...

The full impact of a wildfire hit me for the first time last year, following the overnight rampage of the devastating Valley Fire. The fire took four lives and immeasurably altered a thousand more in home losses and injuries. It was emotional, intense, and terrifying for those in Lake, Sonoma, and Napa counties.

(photo by David McNew)

Just last weekend, winding through Lake County roads on my way home from camping up north, I realized where I was. It was fascinating to see what the land had become, the blooms of new growth amidst evergreen graveyards (in some places) and those "lucky" trees that somehow remained un-charred. It reminded me of the final verse I wrote for Fire.


Unsurprisingly, it's really tough to build back entire communities at once, and these affected areas are dealing with these infrastructural nightmares right now--things we city dwellers take for granted all the time (water lines, septic systems, etc.). But, most inspiringly, they are gritting their teeth, getting to work, and believing that the char will crumble and those hills will once again thrive in greens and blooms (...and golds, let's be real).

Well, it's that time of year again. Wild fires all over the state of California:

Please take a quick look at this guide to using equipment and camping during high risk seasons:

And also prepare yourself to react in the case of a wildfire near you, as they do happen, regardless:

Mostly, have patience and hope, no matter your situation, whether your wildfire be of flames or of work deadlines or making rent. The char will crumble and the hills will blossom. <3

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