I have often been asked, "We've heard plenty of socially and politically activating songs, but what does an environmentally activating song sound like?"

photo by Laura Lafond

There's no simple answer to that question.  In the case of political or socialactivism, the effects of whatever policy or social treatment often directly affect people, and are thus instantly relatable.  In the case of environmental activism, the effects to people are usually second or third degree, especially in the sense that they often take longer to present--nature responds in its own time.

With my music, I try to connect the dots for people, to bypass the second and third degrees of separation between cause and personal effect if necessary, to help my audience to visualize the story in pictures they can and are willing to understand.  With different stories revealed, I draw on humanity and emotions to foreshadow not only the pain and suffering in our future but, more importantly, the joy and satisfaction that could be, were we to take responsibility for change seriously, today. 

Here is a song I wrote, pointing to the discounting of our future, performed (in a frigid rooftop concert) with my former band Goldie And The Wolves: