Gillian Grogan 

Gillian Grogan is a Cambridge based songwriter with a knack for weaving narratives.  Her performance is anything but Five Feet Small, wading through salty rhythms of travels past before fiddling around with the forest flows of her youth.  Global folk and Appalachian influences have pinned the proverbial blooms in the hair of New England's favorite street-side songbird. 

The Woven Collective calls the outcome "an unforgiving tuggin' at your roots, no matter where you come from, her lyrics wash over you like gentle reminders of another life you haven't had yet.” 

After releasing her album Five Feet Small in summer 2015, Gillian hit the road with nothing but hope, a beautiful guitar, and a trusty ol' Honda named Ella for an expected month of touring.   She returned almost four months later with 25 shades of dirt in her treads and the salt from two oceans  in her skin.  She has since released another 3-track EP called Slow Drip and released an EP this April with the Boston funky folk band Honeyfoot.

(photos by Laura Lafond)