I released a live album from my Passim debut last November...

on Bandcamp!



I'm going to tell you a quick story...

Once upon an Otis Mountain Get Down, a girl sat by a pile of embers with nay more'n a headlamp and guitar, playing a few of her favorite tunes into the quiet pre-festival nightscape. After one such song arose such a hootin' and a hollerin', the girl jumped up from her log! Just an inch or so, but still. She begged these strangers of the night to show themselves. And so they did.

Huddled some thirty feet away, too many to the space they occupied--a bare backcountry lean-to of a stage--stood five or six handsome strangers. They approached the girl, as she struggled to make out their faces, though she never truly could. The bunch chatted a while, introduced their names and silhouettes, and shared the location of their camp so that she might find them the next day.

Well, find them she did, and friends they became.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for the folks making neo-soul goodness known as smalltalker, and I'll never forget our origin story......nor that macaroni-and-cheese "colored" crayon I stole. (It haunts the back of my minivan.) Fun fact: Somehow, the folks I met at Otis Mountain all seem to know me by the name Honeyfoot instead of my name. The plot thickens...

While touring through the tristate area back in October, I had the great pleasure of recording this Blue Room video of my latest version of "The Sweetest Song" with my smalltalkin' pal Gerard Marcus and new pal Bucky Illingworth over at ThrdCoast, and it is online today for your viewing pleasure and my nostalgic delight!

I ALSO had kicked back in Brooklyn all weekend, hung out and recorded some new tracks with Gerard and another of the ever-talented, smalltalkin' lads, Nico Osborne. Look out for singles on the horizon! Exciting times....

Production by Gerard Marcus, Thrdcoast Blog

Videography by Bucky Illingsworth

Mixing/Mastering by Haley Shaw

Thanks to Eric Bowers & Laura Lafond


Have you listened to the new Slow Drip EP yet? No?

The EP is FREE! Or pay what you want, if you feel so inclined, and is available for download on Noisetrade (or Bandcamp)!



And in case you hadn't yet heard,...

Chris, Otto and I decided some months ago to use our powers for good and join forces for the foreseeable future to bring you delicious brews of our individual melodic flavors combined for years to come! (Read: we are band.)

We are H O N E Y F O O T. <3



To request our services, simply project a honey-glazed foot of really any mammal onto the Pru and await our plunky response. 
(May no real feet be harmed in this exercise)

or just email us at booking@honeyfootmusic.com, I mean, whichever.